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Mag365 brings you a brand new magnesium supplement that is more bioavailable and as a result, more effective.

Made in Europe, exclusively for the European customer, Mag365 offers a range of benefits:

more compact packaging for easy storage

convenient one-month supply

improved formulation that delivers results

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Rude Health Magazine
Joan Sheehan from Sonas Health Foods, Newcastle, Co Limerick
Magnesium supplement

Joan says: “I tried passion fruit flavour Mag 365 and I really liked the smell when I added boiling water to it. I took 1tsp in boiling water first thing in the morning and again before bed. I suffer from leg cramps at night, after 3 or 4 nights I noticed I could stretch my leg fully without it cramping. Also I seem to sleep more soundly, without turning and twisting.”
Reference Sept/Oct issue: Tried and Tested – Rude Health Magazine, Read Archived Tried and Tested Articles


Positive Life
MAG365These guys are great! Brought to you by the charming George Esser and the irrepressible John Baldwin, their magnesium products are the best. Their newest addition is a combination of calcium , magnesium, and vitamin D to keep you calm and nicely nourished. It totally rocks! 



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The Irish News: Magnesium an essential element for wellbeing

George Esser

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Mag365 Magnesium supplement is a powder with a highly bioavailable active ingredient magnesium citrate. All natural ingredients and no fillers. Helps promote a better sleep and a natural calm effect. Magnesium is foundational to good health an over 350 body processes. Available in Plain, Passion Fruit, Plus Calcium and Kids. Contact Retail-All good heath stores; Trade-John Baldwin +353(0)863 609 404

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Magnesium citrate, the active ingredient in Mag365, has been proven to offer a much higher levels of bioavailability than both magnesium amino-acid forms and magnesium oxide.

In this double-blind study by the University of Reading 2003, results showed that magnesium citrate resulted in more magnesium in the blood serum compared to other supplements.

That means that Mag365 works faster and better, making you feel great and saving you money.

Mag365 consists of a unique blend of magnesium carbonate and citric acid. When added to hot water, it becomes magnesium citrate – the most powerful magnesium supplement on the market.

***Watch this space for ALL NEW flavours and our upcoming 300g size!***


Your everyday magnesium.

Mag35 products are made in a GMP certified facility, in Europe, and are made in millimetres and grams instead of inches and ounces. These products are more suited for European shelves, are better for the European economy and has less environmental impact with less transportation and therefore a lower price point.

Made in Europe.


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